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by Anonymous | Score: 1700

"I don't know what I did to deserve him. I think he's watching me again."
The window creaks as I take a look, faking calm. He's in my yard again. On the apple tree with his camera.
"Creep," she whispers, "Oh my God."
I shut the window.
"See? I've always hated him. Everyone from Central has. He never talked. Like not ever. He's got those dead eyes too. He transferred to Jefferson and got this like, new sparkly persona. Everyone there just loves him. And we're all here asking why."
She shakes her head slowly.
I should've done a Zoe and just ignored him that one time. I'm too stubborn, and now I'm in this mess. If I could, I'd rewind time and transfer grades when I had the chance.
"Why haven't you gone to the police?"
"We're going to get my pictures and ruin fish-eyes. Do you wanna help?"
"Yeah, sure. This is so dumb. You're crazy, Lara."

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