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The Prego Tramp & The Not-Her-Mother Hag

by T. Nguyen | Score: 2250

Oh! Lordie! I say, madame. Is your daughter with child? I mean--is she knocked up? Oh Blast, madame--is the tramp pregnant?! Is that so hard to understand?! What part of England are you from anyway? If you ask me, I wouldn't even peg you as an English-woman, to be completely honest. 

Your daughter seems very exacerbated, madame. I do believe she reiquires a bed? From I can see: she looks damn near about to go into labor--have you not noticed? On that note--where is the father? Have you any idea or... Is the child a bastard? Oh, dear. I am sorry to hear. I suggested the bed not only because she is extremely pregnant but it looks as thought she is nearing to a fall--looking like she drank too much..? And.. is that legal? To be drunk and with child?

OH, DEAR! Did you just say that you have no idea who that is?! Blasted, world of darkness. What are yo doing with the poor thing? Why are you posing as if you are some sort caretaker or handler of the poor girl? 

"Waiting for her to purchase one of your trinkets that are lined in your gown," you say?

Oh, God--NO! Please, madame! For the sanctity of my eyes and the eyes of all these other good people around--do not show us the trinkets if it means you must show us what is underneath!

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Event Someone is drunk
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