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aliens lol

by Anonymous | Score: 1200

I was seven when they arrived. It was the day my father was set to return from his studies. Away for a month, and he was supposed to return as if nothing had changed. I wasn't sure I could remember his face. Yet, there he was, standing in the doorway of my bedroom. His red hair disheveled, a lingering 5-oclock-shadow framing his square jawline.
"My doll!" He exclaimed, dropping his battered briefcase on the floor. It's weak latch clicked open and scattered papers slid across the floor. He took no notice, and instead wrapped me in his long, awkward arms. He breathed with heavy wheezes. I hugged him back, hesitantly and loosely. There, in his suffocating embrace, was the final normal day of my childhood. 
A harsh purple light blasted through my windows

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