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"Miss Mori? There's a letter for you." Audra looked up from her work and raised a brow. 
"A letter? Are you sure?" Audra asked, for the only letter that should be arriving was planned for next week. 
"One hundred percent Miss." Her lovely, kind mind nodded, left the letter on Audra's desk, and walked away, smiling to herself as though she knew something. 
Audra looked down at the letter and gasped. It was from him. "Why the fuck is he sending me letters!?" Audra called out to her maid because she knew that curious Lana wouldn't leave once she'd seen the seal on the letter. 
"I haven't got a clue, Miss Mori, but I should assume you would read it and find out?" 
Audra sighed. "You assume correctly. Are you going to wait for me to tell you its contents once I'm finished, or are you going to come in here and read alongside me?"
Lana appeared beside Audra in a matter of seconds. Audra cautiously opened the letter, as though it might explode. She pulled out the beautifully written letter and read it, eyes widening in confusion and panic with each new word. Once she'd finished, she turned to stare at Lana with wide eyes, who only managed to return the look. 
"What the fuck..." Lana whispered, more to herself than anybody else. 
"He- he wants to- HE WANTS TO MARRY ME?! IS HE OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND?!" Audra yelled, suddenly absolutely furious. 
"Miss, I think there's a backside to the letter." Lana pointed out after noticing some ink on Audra's fingers. 
Audra turned the paper, and there was indeed another side. The two young women kept reading, only this time it was confusion that overtook their minds. 
"Brainwash? Murder? War crimes?" Audra asked, befuddled. 
"I haven't got a clue, Audra, this is absolutely insane," Lana replied, looking just as perplexed.  

Six Months Later: 
Screaming arose around the palace. There was blood everywhere... so much blood. Two young women stood in the middle of it all, however. Two young women, and a handsome, charming, smart villain puppeteering it all. Three villains, at this point, against an entire city. Audra, Lana, and Azar, against an entire city? Did the city ever stand a chance. 
The rain poured down, washing the blood away unceremoniously, and thunder screamed at the city. "How could you let this happen?!" It seemed to scream, the lighting only 

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