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Brianna and Veronica (unfinished)

by Happy Heart | Score: 5150

Brianna looked at the coke, narrowing her eyes. Then she moved her hand towards the mentos, shaking the packet with her right hand and catching them with her left. She dropped the mentos in the coke, and then backed away quickly. The bottle began to fizz and then it exploded. 
Brianna took off her safety goggles. “A job well done,” she said, satisfied with her explosion.
“What’s all the noise up there?” A woman called from the bottom story of the building. She was Brianna’s mother, and a shoemaker. Very independent, she preferred to run the shoe shop alone.
And Brianna’s mother would have to, anyways. All her dad did was cry and sit. He used to be a fisherman, but then his ship crashed and he didn’t want to be one anymore. He cried about his crew, who some had been lost in the crash. He was quite reserved, and didn’t speak much.
“Oh, an experiment,” Brianna called back. “I’ll make breakfast now!”
So then she made pancakes with lots of syrup on top. The bottle was growing empty, with all of her pancakes every Sunday.
Brianna was engineer. Well, she aspired to be one, at least. She would stop at nothing to become one.
Except… there was one person who she would follow to the end of time. Although Brianna wasn’t sure whether her crush liked her back.
Veronica was the most perfect girl in the world, or at least Brianna thought so. She was brave and smart, and Brianna loved that so much. She could just imagine her and Veronica living in their own happy home sometime in the future.
Brianna checked her watch that settled on her wrist. 8:00 am. She should probably leave for the bus stop soon. And there, she would sit with Veronica until they reached the school, call 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Event Something explodes
Prop Include a pair of safety goggles
Letter Use the letter W
Words Reach 100 words
Event Dad just sits and cries
Character An independent shoemaker
Character A reserved fisherman/woman
Prop Include a bottle of syrup
Words Reach 200 words
Letter Use the letter V
Event Someone falls in love
Character A methodical engineer
Prop Include a wristwatch
Words Reach 300 words

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