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Mind of Desires

by Cadence D. L. Brouckxon | Score: 2900

There is no exception for your idea of perfection
when your impression of yourself impacts your motivation.
You should show pride and dignity in your own body
if you're ever gonna believe that you're not nobody
look in the mirror, look at yourself.
you've become so sad about what you think about yourself
not knowing what to make of yourself.
your pharmacist is enthusiastic about your health
telling you to take care of yourself
when you can't even do that
because you're not proud of yourself
I have a mind of desires for things I just can't have,
and I don't know why I just can't see myself for who I really am
you post pictures on instagram of you changing yourself
as if you took a box of markers and drew all over yourself
you don't understand how beautiful you are
you're just thinking you're not good enough
to be yourself
your mind is like a childish judge on yourself
telling you you're nothing
your mind is a touchy managing director
who tells you to try harder at looking a little more
I have a mind of desires for things I just can't have,
and I try to cover up myself with things
that disguise who I am
when your posting things on social media,
you put yourself on display
although it's stuff you don't need you don't actually need
you put yourself down and compare yourself to others walking by,
but you lay in bed at night not knowing why
you don't feel right, you don't feel fine
Your thoughts that are racing by
go unnoticed
your mind is more fragile than an egg,
but can still make you cry
you pass time each day going through each and every
when you were so hard on your own self
making you a lie
you give up on yourself because you say
that your thoughts pass by
in the blink of an eye


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