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Jobless Naina

by Priyanka Giridharan | Score: 1600

I am Naina. I'm sitting here, head in my hands, lost, thinking of what to do next. My friend sits next to me, her hand over my back, consoling me. Why, you ask? Because, A. I lost my job as a clerical assistant and B. I'm at my friend's ski lodge, wearing a skiing jacket, in the cold, enjoying a vacation somehow? Don't ask me how I ended up here.
Okay, never mind. I'll tell you anyway. I'm feeling chatty. This is a rare occasion, let this be known.
"Aren't you happy I brought you here with me, Naina?" Said my ditzy best friend.
"Safiya... you know I was mourning the loss of my job today right?"
"Of course I did!"
She said it so confidently that I had no words.
"Then why... are we here?"
"To make you feel better!"
"I- I see..."
Her intentions were noble at least. Can't fault her. She has always been like this.
"The lift is coming down, Naina! Let's get on it and go skiing!"
"Forget your worries and enjoy for a while, okay? You'll get a much better job soon. I promise you."
Again with the confidence.
"And how do you know that?"
"Ah...I see..."

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