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Bob's day with Cab and Friday.

by Kaylie | Score: 900

Cab and Friday are going to an job interview with Bob the Builder under  bridge in Canada, while running, playing, and baking. Bob changed he is bald, looks silly and he got a very bad tan, he looks burnt. Cab and Friday wanted to belong with Bob because they wanted to look like him. 
Cab and Friday had a very strong friendship. They has courage that they looked like Bob until Bob died from him dancing the chicken dance. It was so sad they dug his grave an put his body in it and he was still doing the chicken dance! Then, his eyes opened and everyone gasped. They cried happily that Bob wasn't dead. They laughed cause Bob's eyes were wide open and he said, "I am so glad I am alive doing the chicken dance, WAIT I'm doing the chicken dance!?" Bob was curious how he did the chicken dance. He flew like  bird with his human body. They went home to laugh and thank 
God. The end

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