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Asa Locke

by Ruth Reeve | Score: 1600

Detective Asa Locke walked into the building. His cup of coffee still steaming from when he freshly brewed it that morning. Officer Hopper smiled. "Well you dog!" He yelled from his seat. 
 Asa shot him a weird look. 
"Look at you," he said through the doughnut in his mouth. "Had an exciting weekend did you?" 
Asa rolled his eyes "Morning Hopper." 
"What a dog," Hopper chuckled as Asa walked to the door of his office.
He took a breath before opening the door. He was working on a tough case. With no end in sight, he felt almost hopeless. He always felt this kind of pressure when so much was on the line. So many people were counting on him.
 He felt the case was going cold. A little girl, molly Hammond, had gone missing Monday. Her mom reported the case Monday after the girl didn't come home from school. The first thought was that she ran away. But to many things pointed to a suspect. Nothing Ng could prove it though not yet. 
Hopper thought he was crazy the whole police department, the whole town thought he was crazy. He looked outside the box took every angle looked into every little detail, and he got the answer. That's why he was here he fought his way to the title he received so 

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