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The End of The World.

by Silver Arrow | Score: 4150

"Aaaaaah!" I screamed. My worst nightmare had been fulfilled. Civilization had come to an end. 

It was March 8. It was the worst day of my life. Hands down. I had been playing with my toy plane (yes, I know, but then again, you play with stuffed animals, don't you?) and then I heard the mayor and governor arguing. 

Mayor Maya Mallarie had just had a baby, and she wanted to take a day off. The governor didn't want to let her. But don't just think the governor is bad.

Governor Simon Lemon used to be an aircraft engineer. He was a good person. He was kind, thoughtful, and sensitive. On the other hand, Mayor Mallarie was too. She loved gardening - she was never seen without a packet of seeds.

Anyway, when Governor Lemon's airplane crashed, he decided to resign. So he became, with a lot of work, the governor. 

How do I know this? I'm Nina Mallarie Lemon. Governor Lemon and Mayor Mallarie are my parents. 

Anyway, I am 11 years old. But I already have a job. People say I'm a musical prodigy. If you think that's easy, think again. I haven't slept in days, what with practicing t

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