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by Normandy M. | Score: 4700

Lifting his head, Aaron stared up into the rainy sky. He stepped back, blood running down his face. Quinn was dead, dead and gone. This war had killed her. She'd never be back. Ever. By god, he'd never be the same. The only person Aaron ever loved, and will have ever loved, was gone. Somehow, he still felt free. "Q," he thought. "Why aren't you here? You promised me, Quinn, that you'd stay here forever. But you're gone. Damn you, Quinn."

His knees felt weak, and he fell back down onto the grass. He began crying, thinking back on all of the times he and Quinn had had together. That one time, when he had first met her, she had tried stabbing him with a fork, yelling "Pervert!" 

He kept crying and crying, until his best friend, Jordan, walked over, stepping over the hundreds of dead bodies. 

"Aaron, let me clean your wounds, eh?" 

He was a paramedic, a zealous one at that.

"Come on! Don't let this war get ya down. Remember your mother, Pauline? She misses you."

"Quinn is dead," Aaron said, voice shaky from his weeping. 

"Quinn is...dead?" Jordan asked, stepping back out of shock. "Quinn can't be dead! A stupid war like this wouldn't kill her."

"Not everyone can keep up this kind of shit forever, Jordan."

"Yeah...you're right."

Jordan sat down next to Aaron, sighing. "Well, hey, let's clean up all this carnage. Then, maybe we can make a park here. Dedicated to the soldiers who fell. Especially Quinn. We could even build a statue of her! Kids would have so much fun. Hopefully it doesn't become haunted, though."

Jordan laughed, and Aaron turned his saddened and dull gaze to his best friend. "Damn you, Jordan. That's a great idea. Damn you."

Aaron began laughing. He kept laughing and laughing and laughing. He didn't know why, but he didn't stop. His friend looked at him, confused and slightly terrified. 

"Aaron, are you okay? Maybe we should...get you somewhere else? Somewhere not lined with the carnage of hundreds of...fallen...friends..."

That was when Jordan broke, crying. He was only a paramedic, he never did any fighting. That didn't mean, though, that he didn't have friends who died in battle. Who knows, maybe his girlfriend was dead, too. If so, he didn't know what he'd do. He supposed he was in the same situation as Aaron.

He looked up, wiping his eyes. "Oh, god, Aaron. I hate war. I hate it so much!" 

"Yeah, I get that."

"Let's find some more survivors. Maybe there are others."

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Event Important data is stolen
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Character A zealous paramedic
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Event Someone has a world-changing idea
Event Your character laughs uncontrollably
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