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Jon has learned the horrors of being watched, and knows there are different kinds of horror in it. The Ceaseless Watcher, for one, that fear is different from the fear of being watched by a Hunter or by the thousands of eyes of Filth.
Now he feels just two eyes on him, those of a Hunter. They're familiar, quiet, and terrifying. They aren't the unsettling feeling of someone knowing you, they aren't the oppression of a hundred eyes watching your every move. They're just the knowledge that, somewhere, something sees you, and it sees you as a meal.
But it is a familiar gaze, at least. Maybe he shouldn't be glad of that, knowing what Daisy would do, has done already. It's not pleasant, but not as unpleasant as it should be.
Quaking gently, he turns to face her. She looks human, now, but only just. Her limbs are too long and she's just too big in general. Her hands are curled into claws, her mouth full of teeth. Jon takes in a shuddering breath and takes a hesitant step back, hands up in front of him. "Daisy," he says, "Daisy, it's Jon."
Daisy's voice is rough as she says, "I know." And Jon imagines feeling her words from inside her mouth.
"We're... we're friends, right?" he tries.
Daisy laughs instead of answers, stalks closer and falls to walk on all fours. Fur is sprouting, and that's less disquieting somehow. Jon takes a few steps back before conceding to the uselessness of the movements.
Daisy presses her snout to his shoulder, then neck, then face, like she's smelling him. It tickles a bit, and he tries to stay still. She huffs a breath against his cheek. "Surprised you aren't running yet," she growls.
"Seemed like a bad idea," he says, swallowing. "You'd like the chase too much."
He thinks he can feel her grin against him, though how she was grinning like that he couldn't say.
"You're right. So start running." He takes her advice.

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