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The Case of the moving corpse

by Tom Austin | Score: 2000

The body was still cold, to begin with at least. Chasing the wind Detective John Stephens rode in on his motorcycle. 

The call had come through only 20 minutes prior from the South Yorkshire Police department. John had a special relationship, any case the police couldn't solve the called him in. 

John had reached his destination now, he brought the bike to a halt and reached down to the ignition. He turned the key to turn off the engine, his hand stuck for a second on the key chain which held a picture of his wife, how he missed her.

"Alright, there!" A voice boomed in the darkness, this was John's contact in the police force. "John, come quickly before they end up taking this one to the morgue."

John walked up to the familiar face. "Police Constable, what's the situation here,"

Police Constable Abi Smith was waiting by the body. A small crowd had formed, held back by the yellow police tape. 

"John, can we talk over here, away from them?" Abi gestured to the police van away from the crowd. 

As the two walked over they began to discuss the nights events.

"This is what we suspect so far John, the local bank was turned over in the night. Our man laid on the ground seems to have been involved. There's a bullet in his skull, it sliced into his 

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