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Inspired by "All Men Are Pigs"

by Waffle Creations | Score: 3200

"I'm not typical." He says, sliding me a drink over the table.
I sigh and roll my eyes in disgust.
"Does this usually work for you?" I say, with a smirk that tells him I've already heard this bullshit before.

He scoffs at me before downing a full mug of beer.
"You're just cynical, I'm not like those other guys!" He says confidently, puffing up his chest as he speaks.

I just laugh.
I mean, what kind of response is that to a simple question? He's clearly brushing off my negative comments because he thinks he can get me or something.

"I'm not interested, pig."
I say, pointing towards him with my gloved finger.
I wasn't pointing out that he was a cop, I couldn't care less to be honest. 
But from being out in these bars, I've learned that all men are pigs.
They're just trying to hook up with you after all.

He looks at his wristwatch and hands the bartender a 20 before getting up from his chair.
He walks past me and hisses at me.
"You're ugly anyway!"

In a perfect world, this wouldn't have happened at all, yet here we are.
I hear the sound of high heels and look behind me, and it's my friend returning from the bathroom.

"Anything happened while I'm gone? You look pissed."
She says, sitting down beside me.
I just point at the drink that the guy bought for me and she instantly gets it.

"I'm gone for two seconds and some guy already offers you a drink? Give me a break, that's ridiculous!" She laughs out of shock, it's her first time out here.

"Yeah, but it's whatever. Come on, let's go to the ice cream bar instead." I say, getting up from my chair.

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