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The ropes dug deep into her skin. She grit her teeth; hissing quietly as it rubbed her already raw skin sharply. They'd left her.

They'd LEFT her.

"It will be quick," her father had promised as he finished tying the knots; loud enough over her own screams of panic - barreling through her desperate pleas for her life. She could barely hear him, but the cold indifference managed to pierce through the white noise of her mind. "The gods will have mercy on you. Don't worry, child." And he had kissed her temple sweetly, falsely.

"LIAR!" She had screamed in his face; eyes wild and wet with sweat and tears and snot. He stared unflinchingly back at her. "Liar!! There will be no mercy for me! No peace for my bones! The wolves - they'll - my death will not be swift. It will be ages! Years! And you will go back to your beds and rest comfortably and they will be eating my skin - licking clean my bones! You - "

"You are doing us a great service," said the elder. An older woman with a gentle face and calculating eyes. She smiled. "Your legacy will be remembered."

She screamed again - at all of them. From the depths of her stomach, she screamed and screamed and screamed. She wailed as they tightened the ropes, yelled as they stood up, sobbed as they began to leave her behind. She is not certain how long she screeched in pain; in betrayal. Eventually she quieted.

She would die here, and there would be no one to give her a proper burial. Her soul would not know rest. How could they? Her own family?

She knew there was no hope for her. She could not unbind herself. She would die here.

But that would not be the end of her. She would make sure justice was done. Judgement must be wrought - isn't that the very lesson her family tried so hard to teach her? To uphold?

An unfair death must be avenged.

And she would be the one to make sure that happened.

She looked up, and saw a wolf with deep golden eyes.

It smiled at her.

They made a deal.

She found mercy, but her family would not.

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