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Just another day off

by William | Score: 1500

Today is just another day off like any other day off.  I'm sitting at my desk, just finished browsing FurAffinity (Yeah, I'm a furry.  Go fuck yourselves, haters.) and now I'm trying to hone my creative writing with Taleforge.  I'll likely play VR later.  Just bought VTOL VR.  It's a pretty cool game in which I pilot jets, including a VTOL hence the name, into aerial combat.  I'd like to check out the steam workshop for the game to see what other missions there are to play.

Steam workshop is pretty amazing, isn't it?  Used to be, you'd have to surf the web for mods to your favorite PC game and install them manually, which gets pretty complicated.  Now, you just hit the plus button or "subscribe" and Steam does the rest.  It's kind of why I played L4D2 and Killing Floor for so long.  So many maps and campaigns to play on, and some pretty cool weapons, player characters and whatnot too.

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Prop Include a desk
Event Nothing interesting happens
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Letter Use the letter M
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