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Stung By a Radioactive Bee

by Anonymous | Score: 2000

Ivy was walking down the sidewalk in the city. She was walking home from school on the same route she took everyday. It was a warm summer day, and there were bees everywhere. Ivy absolutely hated bees, so she was swatting at them and dodging so they couldn't land on her all the way down the sidewalk. She struck one a little too hard with the back of her hand, and it flew back and stung her.
"Ow! Stupid bee!" She exclaimed a little too loudly, getting a few looks from other people walking on the sidewalk. 
She was in front of her apartment building now, so she hurried inside before more bees could find her. Once she got to her apartment, she went straight to her room and closed the door. She decided to start on her homework while she put ice on the bee sting.
She reached for her laptop in her backpack, and suddenly some sticky yellow liquid appeared on her hand. 
Honey? she thought. That's weird. She went to wash her hands. Maybe there was honey in my backpack? as soon as she thought it she knew it was ridiculous. So now I can make honey out of nowhere? What could I possibly use that for? And how can I do that? 
She thought through her entire day, and realized what it must have been.
That bee! she thought. Of course! It must have given me super powers! Like Spider-Man! Bee-Man? Bee-Woman? Whatever. 

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