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It's currently 12 pm..?

by SofiIsASimp._. | Score: 2350

I've had my brother's back for a long time now, and I've supported everything he has done till this day

Working at the casino wasn't that easy while doing it alone so we managed to recrute new workers to help us. They're in charge of cleaning duties or other specific activities to help the place. 

While me in the other hand, works as a bartender. Something about mixing different types of alcohol and coming up with the most wildest of recipes satisfies my boredom or my inconveniences so when my brother assigned me to become the bartender of the place I was really hyped though he has been really off the hook lately. 

He has been drinking more than usual and returns to his room to sleep more late, things like these don't really alarm me since I do know about his addiction and ha it's but currently I felt like it went too far. 

Then all of a sudden I hear a deep-ish voice coming from the door of the casino, creeking its way throughout the dark

-Well..Well..well, hey Kai.. Look at me! Hehe~ I managed to walk home with my 2 only legs!! I finally didn't need your help, aren't you proud of me? 

I stared at my brother with a shocked yet disappointed expression 

-*sigh* Kei you had me so worried dammit it almost as if you dissappeared or something, now now I'll guide you to your room 

I grabbed my siblings shoulders while trying to not interfere with his breath. It smelt like alcohol and cigarettes it felt like I was going to vomit any second but yet again I'm used to this behavior 

We arrived and my sibling's room and I tossed him to his bed

-Get some rest now, we wouldn't like you waking up with a massive headache 

-Tch since when have you been acting so moody??? Jejeje man I can't wait to return to see her beautiful face and body ngh~

I heard him whisper while he suddenly felt unconscious, then he fell asleep. 

That's my brother for you, he spends more time slacking than working... 


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