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by Alejandro R | Score: 1300

All his days were numb, it felt almost like an obligation to live each day. he was the captain of the soccer team, had excellent grades with little to no study, and had basically everything needed to be happy, but he wasn't. The boy, tired of everything, decided that there was no point in living, and went to the highest bridge in the city. I hope there's something more fun beyond, he thought as he jumped up the fence, as he closed his eyes. He opened his eyes again, and he was still alive, in the top of the bridge. If it wasn't weird enough, the same exact cars were passing by, and he couldn't be wrong, so he tried again, again, and again, but always ended at the top. Maybe this was the opportunity he was waiting for? Maybe this would make his life less boring? With no fear of death, you can do whatever you want, but at the cost of everything disappearing trough time except you, a blessing or a curse? He didn't know, but he would use it at its most.

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