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The Town of Despair and Disasters

by Silver Arrow | Score: 3700

"My dog is hurt!" I hollered across the town. Someone came running towards me. "What happened?"  they stated. It was a fisherwoman.

"My dog's hurt!" I cried out again. She simply answered, "Where?" Why was she so somber? 

"There was a broken coffee mug on the street, and Fida stepped on it!" I answered, my eyes brimming with tears. 

Then another cry arose. "Help! Robbery at the bank! HELP!" Then another - an engineer, Mx. Simons, who was usually logical and mature, started shouting too. "HELP!" 

A little boy began sobbing. "I lost my playing card!" Then out of nowhere, a storm began - and then stopped. 

Ms. Nina, a usually cheery builder, yelled and ran speedily away from the ship she had been making - it was shattering to pieces!

Then Mr. Seven, a piano teacher, began yelling too: "The notes won't sound right!" His daughter, Miss Eliza, a detective, cried out: "I can't solve this murder! Is it the zealous inventor or the "

Then MX 

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