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Moon and stars

by Anonymous | Score: 4250

Moon watched the steady waterfall flow into the water below, surrounded by sand, a veritable oasis, so full of brightness. "This means war," she said, her hands fidgeting with knitting needles and a rugged sweater. if the stars, in the Aurora formation, were to beam as they do now -- Moon had read in the Sea Scrolls -- upon  this position, with the sun still up in the sky, there would doubtless be terror wrought upon the land and it was her duty to let people know. 

When Moon was a child, her mother often took her here, and told her to look up at the stars. "One day, Moon, you will see. It is required of you. No -- it is, I think, what you -- what we -- require of the world." When her mother passed away in a freak accident with marbles while filming a very modest film, she had told her -- "V--v...--Violet Evergreen, go there, see" -- and shuddered, a pulse living through her, jolting and knocking over a glass that shattered on the floor. When Moon saw the message arrayed in the ro

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