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The Oddest Prowlers

by Stanley Brownstone | Score: 1550

a senator talks to some person who is one of the few defense contractors about a knife-wielding man and a drug-addled blackmailer as they are planning to orchestrate an event that would result in a galactic war for them and a higher political office for him. 

the kife-wielding man is no surprise to law enforcement. he is a bank robber who is like he won the lottery with a gang of four crazed men dressed in mysterious and sadistic futuristic garb. 

these girls have different rows of different colors of luminous lights on their full-body suits that have their own names written on them for identification.  the girls are having pancakes with syrup. 

one girl is pouring down a bottle of syrup as all of those voices sound the same their suits have been electronically modified. 

an ambitious builder of the newest bank is under construction and those men are ruthlessly torturing the bank manager being forced to open the safe. His daughter is waiting for him until they murdered him. 

today the four men were about to get busted. but they ran away with the money from the safe. The girl wears a locket symbolizing the connection between father and daughter

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