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Terrifying Traces

by BRP | Score: 1300

Chapter 1: Terrifying Traces
The bedsheets tangled about him in sweaty clumps and he cracked a bleary eye to see what time it was: 1:45. Bright sunlight cast the stained curtains in high relief. Fourteen hours since he had lay down to sleep, but he didn't feel like he'd had more than a nap. He shoved the sheets away and sat up. His feet crunched on the floor. What? Mud caked the carpet in irregular splotches. Static filled his head, a sudden schism between the memories of watching TV and going to bed last night and this. 
He hiccupped, a scream choking off as he jumped at the sound of his name. Jesus. His roommate Terry, hollering from the living room. A normal person would knock.
"You have a package!"
Clark tugged on a T-shirt he found draped over the back of the chair by the bed and staggered to his feet, avoiding the mud splotches. Standing now, the 

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