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A ball

by Cheez | Score: 1150

The sound of laughter and chattering filled Sam's ears as he walked through the castle doors into the ball room. Everyone here was dressed magnificently, wearing ether a sparkling gown or a sharp suit, and dancing to soft music the musicians played up on a tiny stage. "Sam! There you are!" A small clock maker said hurrying up to him, clearly excited. "It's a wonderful party isn't it? I adore the decorations ontop of the doors best." Sam raised his head to the doors he had just walked through and found gold and silver tinsle lined with green lines. "Yes, they do look good" Sam nodded feeling uncomfortable in his tie now. X
Suddenly trumpets blared, "Time to eat!" The trumpeter announce setting his trumpet down and finding a seat at a huge round table filled with every kind of food it seemed. 

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