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The Pool Accident

by Kynnedy C | Score: 850

"Haha! Lacy fell in the pool!" Vicky exclaimed. "Vicky it's not funny I think Lacy's really hurt." Veronica helped Lacy up as she limped. "Ow, it hurts badly."
"Where'd you hurt it?" Veronica asks, helping her get inside the house, "mom, Lacy hurt her knee I think."
"Aw, here Lacy keep this cold ice pouch on your leg." mom helps her, as she gets a bandaid to wrap around. "Would you carry her over to the couch V?" mom asks and Veronica nods. Vicky then comes with a towel wrapped around her. "Hey, Aunt Lora." Vicky takes off her towel, crawls on the couch, and turns on the tv. "You okay Lace?" she asks, pausing Twilight (her favorite show). Lacey nods weakly as she whimpers from the pain. "y-yeah it's just a little blood that's all" 
"You need to apologize for laughing at her," Veronica says, watching over Lacey."
"I'm sorry for laughing at you when you fell, I thought you did it on accident. but I didn't know you got hur 

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