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The White Rain

by Anonymous | Score: 850

This is a story about a little girl with long, wavy, pink hair tied into a pigtail. She is the heir to the throne of Kinlo and is a warrior by heart. Her mother is a professor at the Academy of Musical Arts and her Father rules the kingdom with a gracious heart.
Now, the princess was named Shirame because she was born the day when it rained white. 
“Shirame!” Her mother called. “Its time for your piano practice!” 
“Coming!” Shirame answered.
Shirame grabbed the books sprawled out on her table and shoved them in her bag. One by one they flew into the bag. One book slipped and landed with a big thump!
Shirame picked up the book and looked at it. She had never seen it before- “Shirame! Its time to go!” Her Mother hollered. 
“I’m coming!” Shirame shouted as she shoved the book into her bag. She ran down the stairs and into the hallway. She ran out the castle doors and into a carriage. 
“To the academy please” Her mother said 

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