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Hospital Spook

by Anonymous | Score: 3350

I walked through the empty hospital hall. This was a long abandoned building that many horror story's have been told around. I looked around me, pointing the flashlight towards something that moved. I jumped and held out my shaky fists, but realized it was just my reflection from a mirror. I pulled my locket out. My Mothers locket was a symbol of good luck and protection. I smiled and put it back into my pocket, and kept walked, the flashlight pointing wherever I looked. My breathing was shaky, but I tried my best to breath calmly. I looked around the room, trying to find anything possible. I turned into an empty room, and by the time I had taken the first step inside, the door slammed behind me. I jumped and slowly looked behind me. My eyes widened when I didn't see anything. I smiled, and said, "Can't scare..."
I felt something touch my shoulder and was certain it was a ghost. "ME!!!" I screamed, and raced out the room. I slammed the door behind me, and raced through the building, trying to get out. I raced down the staircase, but my foot slipped and I fell down the stairs. I landed with a thud, and groaned, but quickly got back up. My ankle throbbed as I raced outside.

"What did you do?" My brother asked.
"I was in the abandoned hospital," I said, looking at my ankle. It was red, and I assumed I rolled it or sprained it. "Do we have any pudding?" I asked. I was so hungry. Alex was already getting up and by the time he had come back, held two puddings. I smiled and caught the one he passed to me. As I tasted the sweetness of the chocolate pudding, I became tired.

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Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter G
Prop Include a locket
Words Reach 100 words
Character An ambitious mortician
Letter Use the letter C
Event Your character sees a ghost
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