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Love Spiral

by Kevin Ramsey | Score: 900

There I was alone on the edge of a craggy cliff with the ocean in the backdrop.  Seagulls were all about me and although it was difficult to spy what was on the beach, delirious with their plaintive cries, through squinting eyes I was able to see a group of sea lions basking in the sun despite the albeito  growing so oppressive,   Where had she gone?  My ocean loving friend.  Surely now she was all right, downing a few espressos back in town not far from where I now found myself to be.  I wanted her again.  Her tie dyed bikini was a constant reminder to me of a night of deranged lovemaking.  It winked at me while the sun came out sporadically from hiding from the clouds.  Intermittent, and persistent.  

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