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this bitch blind +ghostbur

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The sand is hot. It burns his palms as he runs his fingers through the grains. There's so much sound surrounding him, the wind, the sea but he keeps his focus on the heat.

Something cold presses itself on his back. "Tommy?" He hears them call out hesitantly but he doesn't turn around. He keeps his mind on the feelings of the sand running through his fingers. Digging them deeper he wonders what it would be like to be buried alive. It would be dark underground, not that it affected him anymore.

A harsh laugh that sounds much to like a sob to ears falls past his lips.

The cold feeling on his back disappears replaced by a hand going on his cheek. They tilt his head up, letting out a short breath. "Tommy...what happened to your eyes." 

He breaks. "I can't see-"


"Ghostbur I cant see." He curls into himself hands coming up to claw at his face. The sand is itchy. He starts to hyperventilate, breathes coming out in short bursts, there's not enough air. 

The coldness wraps around his body and he's being dragging into someones lap. Ghostbur shushes him gently moving his hands away from his face. "You're okay. Just breath, okay?"

Tommy shakes his head, violently shaking. "I can't. I can't, he's gonna kill me, he's gonna."

Ghostbur tightens his grip, pressing a hand into the back of his head, threading through his hair. "Tommy, it's over. It's okay."

He sobs at that. It wasn't okay. It was so far from okay. He's alone, abandoned on a beach, blinded by the one person he thought he could trust. The only source of comfort coming from the ghost of his dead brother. 

There's a strange sound coming from above him, warbled and hesitant. It takes a minute to realize that ghostburs singing. It's offkey and not at all like the soothing voice he grew up with but it's familar nonetheless.

So Tommy takes a shuddering breath, pressing his face into what he assumes is Ghostbur's sweater. He needs to calm down and figure out what to do next. Letting his eyes close as the melody washes over him - not that there was any difference.

The hand that stroked his hair stilled as Ghostbur quieted into a soft hum, seemingly satisfied that his brother has calmed down. "Tommy?" He calls out. Only getting a hand gripping his sweater as a response. chuckling he leans forward. "Do you want some blue?"

There's a beat of silence.

Tommy laughs, loud and clear. "I- What?" He can imagine Ghostbur looking down at him with that innocent expression, slightly confused but happy to hear him laughing. 

"I asked if you wanted some blue! You seem upset." The ghost's words does nothing to help stop the laughter from coming out. His shoulders shake as he keeps his head down, trying to muffle the sound. 

It's been too long since he laughed like this. Tears pricking his eyes while he held his stomach. The question was unexpectedly predictable.

As he quiets down trying to get over that he's left with feeling tired. There's still the sense of hopelessness that's gripped him but he pushes that feeling down. He can't see, probably will never be able to again. So he tightens his grip. "I'm okay now, just don't leave me." Whispering he adds on a quiet, "please."

"I won't. Promise."

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