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Painting in silence

by Me | Score: 4250

Silence. He wished he had some. Just once, he'd like to not hear din of the music above him. The reverberation in the ceiling, the walls. And the awful banging that accompanied it. Never in time with the bass. In fact, it seemed as if someone was dancing to different music altogether. 

He set down his paintbrush. It was impossible to concentrate. He stared up at the ceiling again, as though he had x-ray vision and could stare the upstairs tenant into silence. Not silence. Into paralysis. But it didn't work. He sighed and looked back at his painting. It began as a portrait. The teaching assistance he met earlier in the week. 

Her name was Nadia. She was 24, loved cooking Thai food and was an avid fan of yoga, Jackie Chan movies and the XFL. He wished he knew this because of some in-depth, meaningful connection the two had made. But no, it was all on her instagram account. And yes, he had looked her up. He passion for teaching math made he do it.

Disgusted at his lack of progress, and the painting's lack of resemblance to a certain teaching assistant, he wondered if it was worth it. His gaze returned to the book on his desk. “Out of Time.” A murder mystery about a clockmaker who turned states evidence on the mob. Why was he unguarded? Who killed him with the ivory statuette of a monkey? And why were the monkey's gemstone eyes missing? Would the family see the murder avenged? He was only on chapter one - but what a chapter!

Next door he heard the baby begin crying. It was inevitable. The music upstairs would start, and little Guido would start crying, awoken from his nap too early. And then...yep, right on time, Melinda would start yelling at the baby to hush. Spoiler alert: Guido would keep crying regardless. He wondered if Melinda would ever never it. Probably not until she was in her 50s, and Guido was a married father with kids of his own. We never get anything until it's too 

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Words Reach 50 words
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Prop Include a paintbrush
Letter Use the letter F
Character A passionate teaching assistant
Event Silence
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a statuette
Character An unguarded clockmaker
Letter Use the letter H
Event A death needs to be avenged
Words Reach 300 words

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