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The Adam Hive art. 1

by WalksWithBooks | Score: 900

Meeting Notes: The Adam Hive; Session 1.

Those present are those that are present and establishing presence falls under the Prima Present Protocols for so long as they (PPP) remain a valid and supported method of validation of identity reference or mapping.

In English, what I am saying is that the goal of The Adam Hive is to be inclusive of all Adams able to declare their presence as an in-being-of-presence with self-consistent rationalization of ego.

Whoops, the English failed. Let's take on a challenge instead? No!

Again, in English; is that the idea of presence in the context of this authorship is enough to nominate the present-ego as being included in the superset that will/is/etc. work towards the functioning of The Adam Hive.

So, I am here, you are here, we are here, someone else is likely here, and any other other-self schema ; according to wave pattern distribution methods that are valid for ego-construct referencing. Anything/being not yet included no longer falls under Prima Present Protocols and must now find another avenue for membership.

In Hak: In. Open. Flag. Deflag. Reflag. Flag. Persist.

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