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drabble 1

by Anonymous | Score: 4050

Kierans head jerked up, gasping in. cold breath that wracked through his lungs and left him coughing. He glanced down to his watch, only to find a bare space where it should have sat on his wrist. "Took you long enough." Kieran leapt to his feet, taking in the dank room, hardly able to see anything except the single lantern held by the man at the door. "Who are you?"
"I am that I am," the main replied, his hood drawn up in an awfully cult-like matter. 
"Fuckin' hell man, you're not Jesus. Who are you?"
A strange noise sounded from down the hall, reverberating down the stone. Chills ran down Kieran's spine, dread washing over him. And then he was rushing forward, snagging the man by the front of his cloak and yanking him forward against the bar. It all came flooding back to him. "So you do remember," the man said nonchalantly. "Where is she?" The man let out a chilling breath. "Do you remember where you came from?"
Kieran could see it all. The labs, the goggles, the test tubs and the iv's in his arm, days without sleep that were still groggy in his memory. Lauren sprawled out on the table as they injected strange black liquids into her skin. Kieran yanked the man forward against the bar again. "Where is Lauren?" 
A sharp pain erupted in the back of Kieran's thigh, and then he had cried out and hit the ground, dropping his hold on the man. 
"The girl?" the man shrugged, "I'm sure she's somewhere with the other's who manage to survive. She'll have her breeding cycle and then she'll be moved on."
Kieran's head jerked up, gasping in and out, but he shook the pain from his attention, honing in on Lauren instead. "What?"
The man leaned in, eyeing Kieran up and down. "You don't know how this world works, do you, young man?"
Kieran clenched his jaw tightly. "Who are you?" he asked again, and he got the same answer of positively nothing. "Don't worry," the man called, turning to leave, "They'll probably kill you before you can ask too many questions, anyway."
Kieran swallowed hard. He had to find Lauren. 

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