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Fortnite: Erisa

by Anonymous | Score: 3500

Over the icy glaze of the frozen world, nothing but the soft brush of thistle trees and the gently blowing snow blanketing the land made a noise.
Silence lay across this new land, and there she stared over it's icy white blindness. A glacier could be seen in the distance and it looked to be the perfect spot for her to mark as a new destination. She had run from the distant gunshots when she first dropped in, and now sought refuge away from anyone that may be left chasing her. Despite her outfit showing her thighs, she did her best to fight through the soft icy wind blowing, pinning her cloak as it tried to blow away from her. Erisa had tried to do her best to keep as prepared as possible, and all she could scrounge around for was a safety pin to keep her cloak from blowing away. It wasn't the best but it would do.
And so she marched through, crunching along the snow when she heard it.
A bullet had whizzed by her.
"Dammit! How did they manage to find me!?", she exclaimed as she broke off into a sprint, ready to slide down the hill in an escape.
sphew. sphew. sphew.
Bullets continued to whiz by her, narrowly missing as her braided hair flew behind her.
"Do you enjoy hurting people?!", she said as she launched herself back up and onto her feet. She peeked behind her for just a quick glance to see what or who she chasing her.
Of course. White spikey hair, a black and grey outfit that covered his throat and mouth. And that stupid headband he was always wearing. Kakashi had found her once again and she would do her best to get away.
Her thoughts raced as she fought about what to do, thinking hard as she still ran.
"Wait a minute!" she exclaimed to herself, rooting in her pocket and pulling out a phone radio. She thought it had been lost before the island blew up, but she managed to keep it for herself.

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Location A glacier
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Sentence "Do you enjoy hurting people?"
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