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Jodie - Cafe

by BP | Score: 5300

The man's body lay sprawled out on the cafe floor. Steam from his large coffee still billowing into the air. A crowd gathered. Slowly, at first, none of them sure if something was truly wrong or if perhaps the whole thing had been a charade. Candid camera for the internet age, that sort of thing. When it became clear the man would not be getting up, in his fall he had knocked over his coffee and the rhythmic sound of it plopping on the floor had finally ceased. 

Jodie Amsterdam had just been trying to enjoy an early afternoon latte. She'd recently picked up a new book from the library and was looking forward to pretending to read it while casting eyes at the new barista. All of that had been cast asunder by the stiff.

The bell on the door jangled announcing the arrival of the proper authorities. Jodie closed her book and placed it on the table. With the cops were here that meant no one would be getting any peace and quiet for the rest of the day. Long ago Jodie learned that swimming upstream only bore fruit when the man wasn't involved and so she gave herself over to the chaos.

One of the police officers knelt over the corpse and took his vitals. Why a trained professional wasn't doing that eluded her, but she was a simple patron trying to enjoy her overpriced drink while working harder than she wanted to catch the young blonde's eye. Jodie felt confident she could out compete anyone when it came to the attention of fair young ladies but a corpse was still a corpse.

Concluding that the man was indeed dead, the officer called in an ambulance while his partner set about questioning the customers.

Tucked in the front corner by a rather tall potted plant, Jodie Amsterdam wondered briefly if she could somehow avoid being part of the entire rigmarole, but having spent enough time around police in her day she decided it was best to simply go with the flow and get it over with. Besides, the blonde appeared rather shaken up over the whole ordeal and if it was one thing that Jodie hated, it was a distraught young woman.

The questions floated along like uninspired locus. At what time did you notice the man walk in? At what time did you notice the man encounter his medical issue, like it was a lumbering axe murderer who just so happened to stumble into the man's table and accidentally lop his head off. Jodie answered each question without hesitation. The man arrived at 10:03, just after the barista with the soft brown eyes refilled the second coffee pot from the left. He keeled over 10:27. A short brunette had taken a seat on the couch after having placed her order. She had closed crop hair that fell just below her earlobes which were Jodie's favorite type, plumb.

Pushing up his cap, the officer took an exhausted breath and asked his last question: did you notice anything strange just before the man collapsed?

Jodie took a minute. Between pretending to read her book and eyeing the blonde, with a few stolen glances toward the brunette, she had little attention for anything else.

"He had a checkbook," she finally said.

"I'm sorry?"

"A checkbook. When he first sat down he pulled a checkbook out of the inside pocket of his coat and flipped through the pages." The officer shot her a sidelong glance and Jodie quickly clarified. "I just thought it was strange. My mother doesn't even carry a checkbook with her anymore." Because she's dead. "So it was strange to see a man not pushing nimiety do the same."

The officer nodded, conveying that he was thankful for the information but was in no way interested in almost anything she had to say. Fine by her. Jodie only hoped she had done enough to end her time with the police so she could once again get back to her day. The blonde had disappeared into the back, clearly shaken by what had happened. Jodie wondered if she could devise a scenario wherein the two crossed paths so she could offer her sympathies and, perhaps, some solace.

The officer thanked her again, gave her his card, then moved onto the next witness. Across the room, his partner had finished up with the brunette who, after taking the officer's card, left in a rush. Jodie 

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