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Theater 11

by Jed | Score: 3950

Laughter echoed out from the dimly lit, movie theater hallway. The bright blue carpet, wet with tears, squelched as Zach rocked back and forth. He sat in between the frame of the door to theater 11. He knew he wasn't supposed to go into theater 11. 
"But the laughter," He thought through his uncontrollable giggles "I- I couldn't resist." 
The movie kept replaying in his eyes; the traffic warden, the sirens, the bright red that covered the screen, the door dog.... 
It was horrific but Zach couldn't stop laughing. Hell, he could even breathe. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop his lungs from heaving. He was shaking, crying. Wishing he hadn't see that sailor and his "humorous" antics.
Zach could see his coworker, Stacy, walking down the hallways. Her bangle bracelets and countless hair-clips clattered as she shined her flashlight down the halls. He didn't know why, but Zach felt as this was his only chance to escape. 
Pained Zack begun to crawl over to her, reaching out as she dragged herself to theater 11.
"Why can't she HEAR ME me," Zach thought "Why the FUCK can't she hear me?!" 
Her flashlight shone down the long, dark hallway of theater 11. Zach was blinded, stopping his crawl only for a moment but still, she should have seen him. She should have heard his manic laughter. She should have felt that something was wrong, him being gone for at least an hour but nothing. 
Zach rested himself against the wall, wanting to sob. His stomach churned. He was trult alon

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event Your character laughs uncontrollably
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter I
Character An adventurous traffic warden
Event Someone's dog is injured
Words Reach 100 words
Character A dull sailor
Letter Use the letter C
Prop Include a bangle bracelet
Prop Include a clamp
Event Your character is all alone
Letter Use the letter O
Words Reach 200 words

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