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Ghost Busters Secret Episode

by X | Score: 4850

I walked through the library to find that ONE Superman comic book I really want. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder. 
"W-Who's there?" I stammered. No reply and then I looked behind me.
"A GHOST! Someone help me!"
"It's ok, it's only me. Don't you know I'm your mom?"
"M-Mom" I stammered. A shrill cry echoed from the back. Then a soy sauce packet came flying to my face. 
"I only wanted to find that comic book, I didn't want to be in an episode of Ghost Busters!"
Zoey came up to me, "Hi Jack! Have you found that comic yet? The library's about to close"
"Nope" I sighed. We walked out from the comic aisle and when we stepped outside I was blinded by a man in an X suit. When I could see, Zoey and I were clamped to a board.
"Z-Zoey? Where are we?" I asked
"I don't know? Maybe ask him" she replied. I saw the X suit man. 
"Uh... sir. I think you got us confused with someone else, we're not supposed to be here." Then, everything stopped. Only I could move, but why?
Why me? Why do I have that power  and no-one else?
I noticed a pair of floating safety goggles, I chuckled. That

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Prop Include a comic book
Event Your character sees a ghost
Letter Use the letter S
Words Reach 50 words
Character An unguarded aircraft engineer
Event A shrill cry echoes in the mist
Prop Include a soy sauce packet
Words Reach 100 words
Character An average moneylender
Event Your character goes blind
Prop Include a clamp
Letter Use the letter Z
Character A reserved careers advisor
Letter Use the letter R
Event Everything stops
Words Reach 200 words

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