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Alone but Free

by Anonymous | Score: 3450

I have been alone since I was young. I think it was when I was ten my parents died in a car crash. I always tried my best to fit it, but, I always did something. If it's holding a cup differently to learning Quantum Physics, I've always been the one that screwed up. I turned nineteen last month, and was out of the orphanage luckily. I didn't have any friends because I went from one family to another and it never stuck for more than two years. I lived in a simple Van, which, it looked pretty nice. I live in the woods, alone, away from being judged for who I am. I looked out the window, holding a small glass cup of water. The view was nice. I could go to any camp ground if it was free. Or, just, drive along the road 'till somewhere looks nice. I looked back at the cup, and took a sip. I put it down, and got up. I wanted to do target practice today. I picked up my bow and arrows, and grabbed a box full of glass bottles.

I shot the arrow, and a seconds later the glass shattered. I smiled and quickly shot another arrow. The glass shattered, making very little noise. I smiled, and heard a twig snap behind me. I whipped around, and saw a stag. It was very large, and it's antlers were very pretty, especially with how the small bit of light shined through them. Even though I was alone, It didn't feel as lonely as it was. The animals weren't as frightened with me then they are with others. Maybe it' because I'm very careful not to startle them. But, they like me, and I like them. The stag looked at me, then ran off into the woods. I smiled at the sight, then started shooting the bottles again.

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