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The Law is the Law

by SQ Scrawls | Score: 1250

Alex didn’t know what was happening. One minute she was sitting down with her family eating dinner, the next police were banging on their door, yelling about how they had a warrant for Jessie’s arrest. Her sister was pulled from her chair, cuffed and pushed into the back of a cop car, and gone before Alex could even blink.
The spaghetti her dad had made for dinner was quickly forgotten, the household thrown into chaos. 
“It was completely out of the blue, they barely even told us what was going on!” Alex’s mom ranted, hands raking through her hair. “I heard them read off her rights, did they say anything about what she’d done, at the very least?”
Her dad shook his head, still staring at the door in disbelief. “I... did they say something about /theft/? Do you think she got mixed up with the wrong people? It doesn’t seem like her.”
“They have to let the family call, don’t they?” Alex’s mom muttered under her breath, digging her phone out of her pocket. “I’m calling the station. Tristan, can you go start the car?”
He nodded,

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