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Chaos of Saturday

by Anonymous | Score: 4450

It was... a normal Saturday. So normal that it was almost suspicious. Nothing was happening. She was sitting on the corner of Xavier's and Hancock's street and wondering what exactly happened to the pills she gave Isaac before. What did he even need xanax for? He certainly wasn't suffering from migraine... maybe he just needed it for one of his crazy basement experiments.  She decided to head home, because this seemed rather pointless.
She passed the church, and she only caught a glimpse of father James heading inside.
The wanted to talk to him, but he seemed busy, so s
home abruptly, because the blazing sun was getting annoying.
She plopped on her bed and wanted to relax, but her ringing phone didn't let her.
It was Isaac.
"Hm?" she picked it up uninterested.
"Oh hi, um... do you think you could come over? It exploded and I kinda need you r help cleaning it up before Kenny returns... pretty please?"

"Are you kidding me?" she groaned angrily. "Again?"
No... no... she's not going to clean his mess again. It wasn't her problem that he fucked shit up all the time. Nope, not this time...
"For the love of god... no. Look, I'm sorry, but I just got home, I'm really tired and there has to be someone else in this godforsaken town who will halp you with this... "

"Please, Florine... I swear I asked Cathy as well, but she has to take care of her dad, he fell off a roof and his husband is out of town... please... I'll treat you a lunch later. "
"Ugh... fine. I'll be there in a minute."
And so she got up, stuffed a jacket into her bag, grabbed the skateboard and went off.
Not even ten minutes l
ater she was already in front of his house, wondering why is it in such a good condition, considering his parents have been jobless for over a year now.

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Character A maternal roofer
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Event Someone loses his/her job

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