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running in the rain

by Anonymous | Score: 1450

"Clear skies" the weather had said. 78 degrees and no chance of rain. Looking at the heavy downpour, I thought of my umbrella left sitting on the kitchen counter. I didn't want my bag to be heavy since I had a lot of classes today but now I'm stuck with no way home I glanced at my watch and saw that the bus would reach the bus stop in five minutes. I would have to run in the rain or stay here another two hours.
 Against my better judgment, I wrapped my arms around my body and took off in the direction of the bus stop. The distance was short but the heavy downpour felt like it was dragging me back. I was soaked when I stepped under the shelter. 
When the bus arrived, I ignored the weird stares and boarded the bus. I would surely catch a cold

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Event It pours
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