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Smoke Recon

by Stanley Brownstone | Score: 2000

she was trying to get to the water supply before the smugglers at a hotel gets to make a deal resisting the opposition from the law enforcement agency she works with as an independent civilian agent. 

One of the smugglers attack a dog before he attempts to go to the public library's computer to manipulate a friend of his rival he labeled as his arch-nemesis 

but she is the crime-fighter who must talk about an energy source somewhere around the city center where insanity is a deadly weapon causing a pandemic like no other.

she gains superpowers attacking a cynical firefighter charging at her like a mad rhino.  the first attack is from her. a swift roundhouse kick to the face. but the other smuggler comes out and shows himself and pulls out a sharp weapon.

that would be bad timing for him when she makes her move this time with him. That crime-fighter is a quarrelsome aromatherapist who does yoga in the morning. 

that's why she gains her superpowers from within her. that's when he was mesmerized by her extraordinary abilities until she starts to suffocate when smoke comes out and she 

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