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Winter Wonderland

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

I looked outside in the coldness. I pulled the blanket tight around me, and looked out. The bottom of the window was covered in snow. There had to be a few feet of snow out there. I loved it though. Russia was a cold, but lovely place. I wonder if we're going hiking today? It'd be cold but it would be worth it. I looked back at Mama. "Are we going on a walk today?" I asked.
Mama was holding my younger brother, Maxim, who was bundled up in a blanket near the warm fireplace. "Maybe later " Mama said. 
I sighed and looked back outside. Coldness bounced off the glass, and I said, "Where's Papa?"
Mama adjusted herself and said, "Grabbing the sleds,"
I smiled and looked at her. 
"Let's get bundled up," Mama said.
I smiled and shouted in excitement. 

I looked at Maxim. He was in the strolled, but the stroller's here are sleds because of the snow and ice. I felt a snowball hit the back of my head and stumbled forwards. I looked behind me, and saw Papa holding a snow ball. I picked up some snow and without turning it into a compact ball, threw it. Papa and I both laughed, and papa came over to me. He held my gloved hands, and showed me how to form the shape, and make it compact. He smiled, and said, "Good job Anastasia." 
I laughed and threw it at him. It hit his chest and he smiled. We both chased each other around, throwing snowballs and enjoying the cold lands of Russia. I don't know what it's like to besomwhere it doesn't snow. I wouldn't want to live their. But, we weren't moving luckily, and I ate the snow instead of throwing it.

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