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someone passed away

by Audrey Murphy | Score: 900

One day I was walking along and i got this unusual phone cal saying that someone passed away and that it was my ex-best friend so i just thought iId pop in .
as I  went into this really fishy place we all sat down and said some words that made everyone cry until her mum called me up and said you were a great singer i looked at her weirdly and said i will do it so i jumped on stage and started playing smoko my fav song of course. As i count eye with a distant book-Keeper, he was the guy that fixed my computer anyway i was jamming out to smoko as everyone was looking at me. and then i got kided out because i got to amocaniel saying That she bullied me and then my ex boyfriend shoud up but i ramembered that she was seeing him. but after all that i went home and cryed in my pillwo wanting a boyfriend

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