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by Capring | Score: 100

The nametag popped up and I allowed myself a small bounce of excitement, flicking my eyes hurriedly to the corner of the screen to catch it.


What? "User"? I hadn't seen that as a username since... well, since the game came out. It was like a taboo. A social misstep. You didn't use that name because it made you lame. Unoriginal. In fact, rumors had started that the game wouldn't even accept "User" as valid. They purged your progress and glitched out your device, like they did when you made any mistake.

When you didn't follow the rules.

My screen disappeared into a mess of pixilated colors--predominately purple--to serve our punishment, along with the message that would be branded on my devices for the next week.

"ArE yOu hAVinG fUN yeT?"

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