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War is Declared

by Melissa Concerned | Score: 1300

War is declared not something one expects today's media to announce which is both relieving and disturbing because now we are asked to live within our sub-conscious means! The tip of an ice-berg was seen or was it? The gritty twisting in your guts says yes that was an Ice-berg the consensus of continuity  now begs one to ask where am i situated this fine Spring morning which due to climate change is not the roster it used to be!
Therefore your immediate surrounds may peep little messages to you a I to become a detective a survivor
a philosopher , i remember the houses i lived in as a kid and all had corridors i look down mine a lot to begin with and i taper my leanings into a small kit which allows survival .Having looped with the lasso dug the hole unsure of all the fact

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Event War is declared
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