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Back to 2057

by Soren K.W. | Score: 4650

Nora had never done something of the like. This, as you might guess, is not what she had expected when she had warily entered her grandfather's study and had dared to tinker with a metal device. Her grandfather, the famous Jonathan Rose, greatest inventor had not declared he had been making a time-traveling device. But here Nora stood, hand still grasping desperately at the metal device, staring at the battlefield before her. Dead soldiers littered the ground like trash on a beach, gunfire was still heard somewhere over the horizon. She had traveled back a long time. Nora gasped, covering her naturally plump lips. "Shit, no, wrong timeline." she tinkered with the device, switching levers, pushing buttons, all they did was heat up the metal. "Young lad, I'm glad you're alive! Maybe there is hope for America!" the man had a short brown beard, it was bushy and had grey hair among the thick brown ones. He had small squinted blue eyes and held a large grin. He was drunk, very drunk. Alcohol reeked of his breath. "Not a lad, bud. Girl, female," she explained, motioning around her curvy feminine body. Maybe the man was too drunk to see her, to properly eye her edges and curves. However the man squinted his eyes more, before waving her off and walking inside a busted-down cabin, it was a miracle he had even made it inside without killing himself in the process. Nothing was happening, the new silence was aerie and all it did was make Nora's skin crawl. Yet still, nothing happened. Not a gunfire, not a bomb, not a scream or a yelp or a yell for help. Dead silence. That's what it was, dead. The silence filled the battlefield with an unnerving feeling, the tension that seemed to grow like a balloon. It irritated her more than she had ever imagined it would. The man clustered back outside, carrying a heavy-looking book in his hands. It was small yet thick and hardcover. He took a chug of a newly found whiskey bottle before throwing it to the ground. "Awesome." she sighed to herself, awkwardly accepting the book from such a drunk army man. The Novel Of Francis Rose had never looked better, it had never made Nora feel as relieved as it had now. She could finally get home. 

Home, where humans ran, Jonathan Rose hurried to his study, helplessly searching for his device, for his newest invention yet it was a fruitless attempt for peace. It had disappeared, along with his missing grand-daughter. Connecting the dots, he brushed a bony long hand through his thick brown hair. The meteor was nearing earth once again, 

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Event A meteor approaches Earth

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