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He doesn't remember it being this suffocating, being constantly surrounded by family. He doesn't remember much about living in the empire, to be honest. Although now that he was back he's not sure that was a bad thing.

Despite multiple protests and arguments that he was a Big Man, Tommy found himself seated on Phil's lap. His father's arms wrapped around his waist keeping him securely in place. Beside them, his older brothers were sat. Techno being on the left and Wilbur on the right.

Techno kept his gaze locked straight ahead not bothering to spare him a glance. Wilbur on the other hand kept touching him, stroking his arm or grasping his hand. It was strange.

Trying to subtly shift away from them was no use. Phil just hummed and pulled him back.  

"You okay Toms you look upset," Wilbur spoke softly. Being treated like a child made him upset. It was no use though trying to voice his opinion so he settled for huffing and looking away. 

A snort came from the other side. Tommy whipped around and glared at Techno who had, dare he say it, a fond smile on his face. "What the fuck are you laughing at?"

Phil tensed. "You shouldn't use that language," he chided. As if Tommy cared what he thought.

He crossed his arms indignantly. "I can say whatever I want."

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