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The dangerous alpha of the woods

by Tarynn Arzberger | Score: 900

In the dark and gloomy fog of the forest there was a loud noise that caught many creatures attention. The creature that was most caught by surprise were the wolves that lived in the woods. Everything knew  not to enter the woods and that whatever did would pay the price.  No one really knows what the price is all they know is that whoever or whatever enters the woods never makes it out if they don't belong there.  The wolves aren't nice creatures atall. They pick on all they other animals and you will always find them if you follow the smell of death. The alpha is most definitely by far the worst. He doesn't care about anyone or listen to anyone besides the pack. He is very rude and dangerous.  I hate him so much. Little did i know i was going to be screwed over by  fate. Little did i know i would become his mate. Me the mate of tha

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