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Time traveler

by Anonymous | Score: 3100

#Short-Story - Time traveler 

The sandals in my foot is feeling like glue against my skin.
 Perhaps , am i sweating ? Kind of .
I'm in front of computer , looking at the brilliant blue screen,  programming the most ambitious project of humanity...a travel time machine . 
Crazy ? Insane ? I think  it's more than such words. These words haven't substance enough to express the magnificence of it.
My boss crossed the room illuminated , she was using a shawl over her head  with a pair of dark blue glasses . 
She told me that the time is close to jump into past.
The jump will be to the year 2045. - told her
Well , i'd wear up the proper clothes , and then i ran towards the time-machine. 
Suddenly , as a pass of eye's blink , everything around me distorted.
My vision started to spin, colorful mix tones appear...
None of what i see is recognizable .I closed the eyes, everything became black...
Melodic sounds came through my ears... it was increasing gradually more, and more louder... Mixed up with the voice of people..
I look around , i came back to the past and then, i was conjured inside a nightclub.
I see people dancing , colorful balloons, and a show of lights were covering every centimetre around the place.
For a moment , i got impressed about how fun was the past. People enjoying genuinely, certainly they don't know anything about what would came on future...Such catastrophic event. 
As planned , i get in the kitchen...as far as I remember , the boss told me to go to the last room. 
When i arrived on there , i  saw a chalk board...on the board was written several instructions , explaining how to proceed on the mission. ..
So , after i assimilated that information , i knew that my journey of humanity's recovery began. 

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Event Your character travels into the past
Location A nightclub
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