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by Derst | Score: 2000

To who this may concern or to anyone who will listen, I'm but one soul recounting a tail that has affected many. 
Traumatizing and crippling fear hung over this town like clouds on a rainy day, feeling uncomfortable was like breathing to most people, to the point to where everything was numb. 
Dark humor was a goto and nearly a necessity in this town, many people tend to use light-hearted words when referring to tragic or horrific accidents.
Say someone fell down the stairs and broke their arm.  The first thing they say wouldn't be, 'Oh no this is awful.' It would be something along the lines of 'I got blood on the floor, Whoopsidaises!'. 
Now you might be thinking what the hell is wrong with these people? You wouldn't be the first to assume everyone here to be insane, because that isn't far from the truth. 
We do have our reasons for being this way, we have our reasons for never leaving, not that we could if we wanted to. We're bound physically and mentally to this place.
Not the town per se, but what lay beneath it. Its the driving force of all that we are today, and all that we ever will be, we don't have a choice.

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